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DJ Pasci & Danny Technici at Leopard Valley

DJ Pasci & Danny Technici at Leopard Valley

This Friday 26th February at Leopard Valley – DJ Clifford Victoria, DJ Eve Carey, DJ Danny Technici and DJ Pasci

Showcasing another two DJ’s alongside our two resident DJ’s we bring you another unstoppable start to your weekend.

We go from strength to strength each week bringing you the best in production, amazing sound, performers and 3D mapping system.


So happy to bring back Dj Pasci…starting out in the late 80’s with his love and passion for electronic music The absolutely new for this time techno, industrial and spherical sounds mediated Pasci a musical feeling that he had not known before. Music has always meant a great deal, and it was this music that opened new dimensions. He was completely infected with the virus!
An inward urge with great curiosity and desire that belonged with his own eyes to see brought Pasci continuing in 1992 itself to Goa. He quickly established contacts with established producers and sound wizard from around the world who were in Goa…and as one of the few label owners at that time began this music. This well-maintained and constantly growing Goa scene style, he played in events at home and abroad. The winter months (December to March) he spent in this time mostly in his second homeland Goa to at the source to copy there constantly the latest tracks of various producers in the world on DAT to then mixed in his sets audition with plates the dance audience.
More and more he found his passion in the field of Techhouse, Deep House in his freaky, funky and playful nature. Through his annual Ibiza visits and the fact that on this crazy island new trends are set, Pasci found the sound of ‘West Cost House’ so sexy, happy, exhilarating, funky playful and really naughty. The consequence to this was Pasci found a new sound which underlined his groovy sound without losing the openness to new things. It is worthwhile to always remain open over new music he says convinced there can always discover new and innovative. The whole thing for Pasci is a way of life which is deeply rooted in him and accompanies him intensely for the past 18 years. The virus has infected him forever and as long as blood is flowing in his veins did not let him go …

DJ Danny Technici
GENRE: House, Deep House, Deep Tech

DJ Danny Technici is one of the finest DJs and producers to come out of Birmingham in the UK. With years and years of experience there is not a lot he cannot mix.
Playing worldwide for over 20 years considered a bit of an unsung hero, nevertheless has earned a well deserved reputation as a party DJ to rock any dance floor.
He started his career many years ago as a warm up DJ in a club called Coast2Coast with famous DJ’s such as Sasha, Groove Rider, Micky Finn, Doc Scott and Simon Bass Line Smith.
Simon then introduced Dan to the Cactus Park rave in Tenerife where he found residency for over 4 years djing at many club and bars on Veronicas like RahRahs, Bobby’s, Busbys’s not forgetting Hacienda 2.
After returning to the home scene he made a name for himself across the country at clubs in Birmingham including the legendary Hush, Ministry Bar, Slag, Fun at the Steering Wheel, C.R.E.A.M. the famous after party, Toast, Crunch at Wobble, QUE Club, Bostin parties, Mood Club and the famous Godskitchen. In Manchester he held residency at Loaf and in London you could hear him dropping tunes at Charlie Chans (East London), H2O (Epping Forest Country Club), Alfresco at vanilla in Windsor and number of Rodger The Doctor parties. Residencies in Milton Keynes at Revolution, Opus, Buddha Blue and Toad made him well known. He regularly travelled up north to Huddersfield djing for “Industry” parties.
His international presence around Europe covered Tenerife, Ibiza, Poland, Hungary and Austria. He has shared the decks with world class DJs such as Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfield, Danny Rampling, Brandon Block and Alex P but was never out shadowed. He also joined the MoneyPenny’s world tour travelling around Europe.
And djing is not the only string in his bow. He spread his passion and talents onto music production. These days you can find him in the studio with his partner in crime PTG (Philip Cunningham). They are both part of a dance outfit called “@it”. They are smashing Europe and UK, slowly conquering USA. Their new tracks appeared on 6 compilation albums with 5 other single releases under labels such as Suka Records (France), Kidology (UK), Lukes Club Records (Germany), Function Recordings (Chicago).
“@it” dj as a duo as well as perform semi live with vocals from Candy and James Weston. As well as a team Danny continues to dj solo.
His passion for music still grows and shows in his fresh chunky funky beats adapting to many styles but never forgetting where it originated so expect to hear classics remixed in his sets. His style is versatile but always funky going darker and progressive at times. He never lets the crowd down and can cater for any dance floor.

Eve Carey – Check out her website

Clifford Victoria – View his Facebook page out –

Open 9pm – 4am
Entrance – 600rps per person.


February 24th, 2016

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